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Caffeine Poster

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Most of the infographic designs I’ve include in my presentations are actually better when viewed online. Many of them had to be reduced in size to fit on a slide, because it’s important for you to see the scale of the entire infographic designs instead of just pieces.

For all the example designs that are available online, I have listed here the link to the original source so that you can see the full-size original version online, the way the designer intended.  However, many of the URLs are long and difficult to type into your browser, so this list makes it easy to just click on the links.


Intro to Infographics

Cisco Visual Networking Index report: 

Demotivational Posters:

NASA Planet Four:

Visualizing Pi:

Tower of Beer:

xkcd, Tall Infographics: 

Where’s Google Making its money? 

2011 Wisconsin Crash Calendar:

Google Insights for “Infographic”:


Online Infographics

How Affiliate Marketing Works:

History of Christmas Trees:

Streamlining Your Digital Life with the New iPad:


Sage Hill School:

Honda Accord: Infographics:

Sudan Bombings:

Bringing Down Osama Bin Laden:

Death & Taxes Poster:

The Visual History of Halloween:

Pairing Wine & Food: 

Student Bullying:

James Bond Movies:


Internal Infographics

Bedford Budget Poster:

My Digital Life 2.0:

Warby Parker Annual Report:

MHPM Corporate Sustainability Report:


Design Tips

Nielsen Smartphone Market Share Corrected:

Traumatic Head Injuries:

The Caffeine Poster:

The BBC-o-Gram:

The Obama Energy Agenda:

Periodic Table of Visualization Methods:

The Visual Miscellaneum:

The Conversation Prism:

Aftermath of the Haiti Earthquake:


Infographic Tools

Cool Infographics Tools Page: 

The Noun Project:





Google Public Data:

Tableau Public:


LinkedIN Maps:

Infographic Resumes Pinterest Board:




More Information

Edward Tufte:

The Functional Art: 

The Functional Art book, Alberto Cairo: 


Visualize This book, Nathan Yau:

The Power of Infographics book, Mark Smiciklas:

Information Graphics book, Sandra Rendgen:

The Data Journalism Handbook:

Cool Infographics Book, Randy Krum: 

Cool Infographics Linkedin Discussion Group: 


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