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A Must-Have: The Food Blender

A Must-Have in the Kitchen: the Food Blender is a new infographic designed by Big Oak SEO for Hamilton Beach Blenders.

The blender has been and is a popular and kitchen appliance.  Foods and liquids placed in it are blended or chopped based on the speed set by the operator.  Today’s food blender can chop ice, make peanut butter, grate cheese, heat soup, and perform many other useful functions.

I like the flow of this design.  It describes a set of basic information about blenders (history, applications and model choices) in an easy to follow design.  The exploded diagram is actually very well done, and explains all of the parts to anyone unfamiliar with blenders.  I also like the photos of old blender designs from history.

A handful of things I would recommend improving:

  • More visuals, less text.  Visualize the capacity, number of speed and horsepower.
  • The topic is a little dry.  What are some more modern things you can do with blenders?  What are some crazy things people do with blenders?
  • Add the client company logo.  An infographic’s value to a company is brand recognition and driving traffic to their site.
  • Find a little more data to visualize.  How many blenders have been sold?  Average price range?  Blender price trend over the last 90 years?
  • Wny is a blender relevant in a modern kitchen?  With crushed ice dispensers and food processors what do people mainly use blenders for?
  • Add URL for the infographic landing page.  How do people find the original, high-resolution version?
  • Add designer credit.
  • Add a copyright statement.

Thanks to Shell for sending in the link!

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Reader Comments (2)

And correct the 2 spelling errors I noticed in a quick 10 second sweep of the poster. Laboratory and Maintenance are both spelled wrong. That speaks volumes to me and not in a good way.
March 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterVicki
I caught the two spelling typos. In addition, I noticed:
"The blender has been and is a popular and kitchen appliance"
"Usable for various of purposes"
"...improves inventor Poplawski's blender and released a new version"

A little grammar checking is needed.
March 9, 2012 | Unregistered Commenteralanc230
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